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Docoocoo Personalized Necklace

Docoocoo Personalized Necklace

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💗Docoocoo Personalized Necklace , Limited Time Offer
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🎁The perfect gift for a loved one

Give the Gift of Endless Love 

Our Docoocoo Necklace will keep a special memory always close to the heart of Your loved one, a gift that will leave anyone speechless. 

Makes the Perfect Gift 

Our Docoocoo Necklace makes the perfect gift for any occasion to make your loved one always remember a special situation or just carry you close by their hearts


A Picture Inside - Carry a special moment close to Your Heart

Each necklace has a custom picture inside. 3 ways of viewing it: 

  1. Just simply hold it close to your eyes and look through the circle 
  2. Hold it close to the lens of your camera to see it on the screen of your phone
  3. Shine the flashlight of your phone through the back of the circle and project it onto a wall in the dark.

heart pendant gif

Custom Photo Pendant 

A custom necklace for anything you love in life. Each necklace is made to order and has been designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. 

Great Photo Ideas to put inside the Pendant


Please choose which variant of the Necklace you would like to order

Then just upload the special picture you want to perpetuate in the necklace by clicking the "Design" button. It will appear above the add to cart and you can adjust it to your liking.

Photo Requirements:

  • Please make sure your picture is a high-quality image
  • Person/Pet is in the middle of the picture because you will see it through the circle.
  • Example: 

After that, you can just check out like you normally would.

If you want to order more than one necklace fill in all info for one necklace then ADD TO CART. Then upload a second picture and repeat the process and click add to cart again.  

If you have problems uploading the Photo just send it to us via email at

Necklace Details

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pendant: Silver/ Gold / Rose Gold Plated       
  • Pendants: 18mm x 13mm
  • Necklace Chain: 16-inch adjustable by 2 inches

Upload Your Favorite Picture Now - and get Your unforgettable Gift



⏳ Processing Time: 2-3 business days  (Customization + Packaging)

✈️ Shipping times: 7-10 business days due to high demand. depending on your country 

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